Best 2014 Video di presentazione del Team

Best 2014 Video di presentazione del Team

 Come avevamo già capito da tempo “BEST Kiteboarding” ultimamente non bada certo a spese.

Dopo aver messo in piedi un team internazionale formato dai più grandi campioni del kitesurfing sta producendo ottimi video promozionali.

Questo in particolare chiamato “Wet Dreams” ci lascia particolarmente colpiti!

Guardare per credere…

Video girato nelle isole Turks e Caicos


Ricordiamo tre componenti del team internazionale BEST:


Country: Netherlands
Residence: Dirksland
Date of Birth: 14th Dec, 1989
Years Kiting: 10 Years
Riding style: Freestyle, powered technical
Local kite spot: Brouwersdam
Your motto or slogan?: Just pull it!
Best Results: 2x world champion 2011 and 2012
Sponsors: Best kiteboarding, Brunotti, Javra, Mystic, Koraal, Joya
Hobbies/other interests: Photography, windsurf, surf, cars
Boards: Brunotti Youri Pro
Country: Spain
Residence: Tarifa
Date of Birth: 14th Jan, 1994
Nick name: Gigi
Years Kiting: 9 Years
Riding style: Technical and smooth
Local kite spot: Tarifa Rio Jara
Favorite place: Brazil (Cumbuco)
Favorite Trick: Front Blind Mobe
Your motto or slogan?: Enjoy the present. Live everyday as if it were your last.
Best Known for: Kitesurf World Champion
Most traumatic experience: Waiting 2 hours in Kenya’s airport passport control!
Best Results: 4x PKRA & 4x KPWT World Champion
What inspires you most?: Music. Listening to a song before doing anything is what gets me pumped. One of my favourites songs is The Show Must Go On from Queen.
Blog: / /!/giselapulido
Country: Netherlands
Residence: Noordwijk
Date of Birth: 30th March 1988
Nick name: LEN10
Years Kiting: Twelve years
Riding style: Extreme Freeriding
Local kite spot: Wherever the wind blows
Your motto or slogan?: Everyday is good some are just better! Ride hard and Fly High!
Best Results: Riding hard!
Sponsors: Mystic, Red Bull, Best Kiteboarding
Hobbies/other interests: Electronic music, DJ’ing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Technology, People.
Le informazioni sugli atleti del team sono state acquisite dal sito ufficiale BEST
BEST Team Internazionale al completo:
 Best 2014 Video di presentazione del Team
Pro Kitesurf Roma


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