IAN ALLDREDGE Wave Strapless e grandi salti in Nuova Zelanda

Rider Profile

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 19 June 1988

Lives: Santa Barbara California, West Coast

Started Kiting: Early 2002

Sponsors: Naish, Clout Ride Shop, Anon Polarized, Pro-Lite

Competes: I have not done any competition in kitesurfing. The only competing I have done is for surfing. I am kind of a free surf guy… not into that whole scene really… just in my personal preference


Description: Independent, motivated, surf, kite and food

Kitesurfing Style: I would say… fluid, surfy, strapless, smooth and quick? I can`t really describe myself! I don`t want to sound like a claimer but I guess thats what I try to base my style around

Top Places to Ride: Home – everywhere, Indo – Sumbawa and Maui – Ho`Okip

Favourite Moves: Floater, hack, barrel, air reverse and airs

Riding Tips: Position your body over the top of your board, have your weight centred over the board, bend your knees, know when to slow down, have fun


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