North Dice 2017 Edition – Test & Impressions of freestyle kite

North Dice 2017 Edition – Test & Impressions of freestyle kite

Already by a first look the new North Dice 2017 appears significantly changed from the previous models.

The ‘c’ shape of the leading edge is more pronounced with the central part of the kite closely resembling the 2014 Vegas.

The Dacron insets in the extreme part of the tips and all along the leading edge connecting it to the rest of the kite fabric confer to the 2017 Dice an appearance of solidity.

The bridle system is short to make it a true freestyle kite.

Four hours of kiting with the 2017 Dice gave us a very good feeling; already after the first edges we were favourablyimpressed by the ability to easily go upwind due to the kite being able not to push leeward.

The North Dice 2017 exerts a stronger and more constant traction during hooked jumps with respect to classical C kites and allows for softer landings.

Similarly, the 2017 Dice exerts and extremely potent traction during kite loops while maintaining a constant power, thus providing the kiter with a good sense of control.

The bar seems slightly hard, but this is an advantage when jumping unhooked. In fact, the 2017 Dice can be a real surprise when performing unhooked manoeuvres and tricks, although it is less potent during popping than the Vegas.

This notwithstanding the Dice 2017 allows to execute many “New School” manoeuvres thanks to its long lasting “deadlock”.

Thus, in summary, the 2017 Dice is well suited for those kiters that wish to further progress in their unhooked jumping skills, while still wanting to maintain the pleasure of riding the saltwater with a versatile 3 Struts Bridled kite.

Test conditions

  • Kite used: North Dice 10 mt
  • Bar Used: North Trust Bar 2017 24 metres
  • Spot: Campo di Mare, Ladispoli
  • Weather: Wind 16-18 knots, water lightly chop
  • Tester: Andrea Tirotta

North Dice 2017 Edition – Test & Impressions of freestyle kite

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