Test: Winter wetsuit MYSTIC LEGEND front zip 5.3

Test: Winter wetsuit MYSTIC LEGEND front zip 5.3

Mystic Legend

Truly a legend! The new MYSTIC LEGEND front zip 5.3 is a super light, super flexible and fast drying wetsuit. It represents the result of several years of development at Mystic and it is a concentrate of technology and innovation with respect to the previous models especially in the inside components.

This wetsuit was conceived for protecting the body from very low temperatures while providing with the best comfort in and out of the water.

The LEGEND is the Mystic most high-end wetsuit made of the ultra lightweight foam and isoprene mesh M-flex, ensuring optimal thermal insulation and exceptional flexibility.

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Among the new features of the LEGEND is the reduced thickness from the classical 5.4 of the topline Mystic wetsuit to the lighter 5.3, resulting in a higher flexibility especially in the shoulder part, while preserving comfort and thermal insulation, thanks to the higher performance of the M-flex.


Thermo seams are located inside the suit to reduce excessive wearing out.

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The front zip is coated with a high durable liquid for better water-stop, but we found it more difficult to operate when closing the suit.


The water-stop system surrounding shoulders and neck was improved by a printed ‘Aquabarrier’ with a novel pattern laid out to create a better closure between the zip opening panels.


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Kitesurfers know very well how problematic and uncomfortable is an excessive accumulation of water under the calves. The LEGEND presents with a novel holes system to facilitate efficient water outflow, rendering the use if the stretches almost unnecessary.





The quick drying inside lining is made of a thick woolly layer is based on the ‘polygiene antimicrobial technology’ and it ensures the most efficient thermal insulation. The only issue being it difficult to be removed due to its tight adherence to the skin.

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The LEGEND is available in one color only: black with a camouflage effect on the top front part and green zip, resulting in an enjoyable and intriguing look.


The exceptional flexibility of this wetsuit is due to the M-Flex technology, a high stretch layer within the neoprene which makes it possible to move without restrictions.


We consider the LEGEND a top product, with only minor defects. We tested it at air temperatures of 10 °C and water temperatures below 14 °C. Despite these conditions we did comfortable kiting for over three hours.

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In summary, the LEGEND has passed all our tests with high marks:
  • Thermal insulation: 10/10
  • Comfort: 9/10
  • Robustness: 10/10
  • Finishes: 9/10
  • Dry-Stop: 10/10
  • Dressing – Undressing: 7/10
  • Look: 10/10



Isoprene mesh neoprene (20%) • M-Flex neoprene (100%) • Quick dry lining inside (80%)



Polygiene • 100% Waterproof stretch taping inside • Front-zip entry • PK coated zip • Glideskin neck construction • 4-Way stretch kneepads • Velcro ankle closure straps included • Non slip cuffs • Key pocket • Aquaflush • AquabarrIer Thickness • 5/3 Black

Available sizes:



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